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Thank You for Getting Involved !


There are four ways you can get involved in the work of ADGG PAC - as a Sponsor, as a Partner, or as a Volunteer.  General membership is allowed for non-citizens and non-residents in our non-profit General Advocacy organ.  Regardless of which part you choose to play, you will become vital to our work which is to educate and empower African Diaspora voters with the information they need to successfully navigate the U.S. electoral process.



1.  General Membership

ADGG PAC is an independent organ of a general membership non-profit organization (ADGG), members of which fund the PAC.   To join our non-profit General Advocacy branch, please follow this link


To join our Political Advocacy branch, follow the steps below:

     (a)  Donate or contribute a minimum of $100 into our general campaign fund.  You can donate up to $5,000 annually - so feel free to make your contribution recurring or monthly.  This action by itself does not make you a member.  If you only contribute into the PAC, but do not carry out the next step below, you will be considered only a donor for our political campaigns.

     (b)  Activate and maintain your general membership by paying a one-time registration fee and ongoing monthly dues at

   (c)  Thereafter, annually, you are required to repeat steps A & B above, to renew and maintain your membership in ADGG.


2.  Sponsors

 To take your relationship with ADGG PAC to the next level, sponsorship is the way you can establish a long-term relationship with our organization.  Sponsorship involves a renewed pledge that supports a specific cause or project.  We target corporations, businesses, and industry for sponsorship.  Corporate sponsors provide money to ADGG PAC (i.e., pays the cost of an activity or event)  in exchange for marketing opportunities, or a chance to advertise their logo and expand their audience with ADGG members.  Please contact our Executive Director for more details.


3.  Partners

We also target non-profit organizations, community associations, other PAC's, industry affiliates, coalition groups, businesses, and governments for partnership.  Partners work with ADGG PAC to share responsibilities, risks, or rewards in pursuit of a common goal.   Please contact our Executive Director for more details.


4.  Volunteers

Volunteers help us build a better African Diaspora community.  This is the best option for Youths and others who are interested in observing what we do and how we engage on the ground.  ADGG PAC often need volunteers during major events and to support major campaigns.  Volunteers are not considered members or staff of the organization.  Please contact our Mobilization Director for more details.