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ADGG PAC is in partnership with ActBlue to ensure your donation or financial contribution is secure and will be transparently distributed appropriately.




 Welcome to ADGG PAC !


African Diaspora for Good Governance (ADGG) Political Action Committee (PAC) brings together hundreds of Africans in Diaspora and engages them with American policy makers and legislators in both political parties.

We educate legislators, governments, and political candidates about important issues affecting Africans in Diaspora -- at the federal, state, and local jurisdiction levels.

We also educate Africans on the vital need to VOTE en-bloc and with ONE VOICE on key priority issues, by combining financial contributions from individuals and directs same to support key federal, state, or local policymakers or election campaigns.


ADGG PAC is regulated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and State ethics committees around the USA.  Therefore, the process of collecting your financial contributions, as well as our disbursements to political candidates, is fully transparent.

Because ADGG PAC is bipartisan, we make contributions based on what is in the best interest of the African Diaspora communities - not because of political party.

You may contribute or donate to ADGG PAC through personal check or credit card.  The law limits contributions by individuals to $5,000 annually, and the PAC is required to disclose the names and occupations of any contributor who gives more than $200 in a calendar year.


ADGG general membership dues are not used to fund or operate PAC activities.  If you wish to become a dues paying member of ADGG to support our non-profit civil society activities, please Click Here.